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 Climbing and Gear
Eureka! 5th Season EXO Engineered Everest Tough; Inspires Design of Innovative New Tents ...

Specially built for Eric Simonson’s latest research expedition to Mt. Everest, the Eureka! 5th Season EXO has proven itself in the extreme conditions experienced on the world’s highest peaks. The design, manufactured for the climbers of the 2001 Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition, has also influenced other 2002 product offerings from Eureka!

The 5th Season EXO, designed with guidance from Mt. Everest mountaineers, will now be available to the public.  With components like a 13 mm, 7000 series anodized aluminum exoskeleton frame connected with super-tough gated carabiners, the 5th Season EXO is weather-proof, sturdy and easy to set up in even the harshest conditions.  The tent is designed with a compact footprint for pitching on narrow ledges, achieved by suspending the tent body by swivel clips from the inside of the wrap-around shell.  The body can be detached to allow the shell to be used alone, or to distribute the carry weight between climbers. The 5th Season EXO has an MSRP of $659.99.

5th Season/2: For 2002, Eureka! is introducing several new tents that incorporate designs and components from the 5th Season EXO.  Eureka! has incorporated the super-fast external frame into the new Zeus EXO single-wall tent, and an updated version of the popular Mountain Pass series (now called the Mountain Pass EXO). The frame system uses gated carabiners to attach the fly to the poles, allowing set-up in one easy step. 

The Mountain Pass EXO series also has the wrap-around shell that covers the tent body at all times to prevent the interior of the tent from ever being exposed to the elements. Swivel clips link the tent to the shell for simultaneous or independent use, adding versatility to this three-season shelter.

Comparing the TNF VE-25 to the 5th Season:  The 5th Season is a low-profile, rectangular, 2-man tent with 33.75 sq. ft + 12.2 vestibule, and the VE-25 is a hexagonal 3-man (48 sq. ft.) Theirs has two doors with vestis.

The main difference is the pole construction- the 5th Season uses an EXOskeleton to which the tent fly is clipped, and the tent body is suspended from inside. This allows the tent to be set up in one motion, and eliminates trying to toss a fly over the body in harsh winds. Also, the body can be removed and the shell can be used alone as a shelter.

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Suunto Altimax Sport Watch
Suunto Vector Watch - 02-03 Model
Suunto Escape 203 Handheld Altimeter
Suunto Observer Watch with Stainless Steel Body and Elastomer Strap
Suunto Observer Titanium Watch
Suunto Observer Watch with Steel Body and Stainless Steel Band
Suunto X6 Watch - 02-03 Model
Suunto X-Lander Watch
Suunto Observer Titanium Elastomer Watch
Suunto Watch Replacement Battery
Suunto Battery Kit for Observers and X6
Suunto Orca Kayak Compass
Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass
Suunto M2D Locator Compass
Suunto M-3G Leader Global Compass
Suunto KB-20 Vista Compass
Suunto MCA-D Challenger Compass
Suunto Pioneer Kayak Compass
Suunto X6 Heart Rate Monitor Watch - 02-03 Model
Suunto Metron Heart Rate Monitor/Watch with Transmitter Belt
Suunto Advizor Watch
Suunto Heart Rate Transmitter Belt
Suunto Bike Mount
Suunto Regatta Watch
Suunto Yachtsman Watch
Suunto Velcro Watch Band
"Suunto Leather Watch Band for Metron
Suunto Standard Parts Kit for Watches
Suunto Elastomer Strap for Observer
Suunto Elastic Watch Band
Suunto Titanium Strap for Observer
Suunto Leather Watch Band for Vector and Altimax Watches
Suunto Necklanyard
Suunto Stainless Strap for Observer
SweetWater ViralStop Purifier Solution
SweetWater Replacement Element
SweetWater Guardian Purifier
Teton Gravity Research Gondwana Video

Voile Pro Shovel w/ Snow Saw
Voile Split Decision Tractor Skins
Voile Split Decision Backcountry Snowboard
Voile Split Decision Crampon
Voile Release Shim Kit - 12mm
Voile Step In Heel Assembly for Cable Binding
Voile Barrell Adapter for Bindings
Voile Heel Pad Shim
Voile Ski Straps 9 Through 24 inches
Voile Binding Shims - Standard and Alta - 2002 Model
Voile Climbing Bars with Pad - 1 Pair
Voile CRB Release Kit w/ Brake
Voile Universal Runaway Straps
Voile Anti Ice Tape
Voile Binding Wedges
Voile Cable Spring
Voile SD Pin
Voile Hardwire Telemark Binding
Waterstick Zen Straight Touring Paddle
Waterstick Karma Straight Touring Paddle
Werner Little Dipper 2 Piece Paddle
Werner Little Dipper 2 Piece Paddle - Carbon Blades/Straight Carbon Shaft
Western Mountaineering UltraLite Sleeping Bag - 20 Degree Down
Western Mountaineering MegaLite Sleeping Bag - 30 Degree Down
Western Mountaineering HighLite Sleeping Bag - 40 Degree Down
Wildwasser Dry Bag 1500ci
Wildwasser Storm Dry Bag
Wildwasser Overnighters Set
Wildwasser Nose Clamp
Wildwasser Neo-Poly Padet Strap
Wildwasser Plastic Repair Stick
Wildwasser Paddle Drip Ring Set
Wildwasser Multi Float
Wildwasser Paddling Paws
Wildwasser Lifesaver Whistle
Wildwasser Lazer Stik
Wildwasser Pocket System Neo/Nylon Spray Skirt
Wildwasser Gear Depot Cockpit Cover/Travel Bag
Yakima Q Clips - 1 Pair
Yakima Vertical Mighty Mounts - Set of 4
Yakima Horizontal Mighty Mount - Set of 4
Yakima Multimounts 1 pair
Yakima BigHorn 4 Bike Mount
Yakima ROC 4 Holds 4 Bikes
Yakima ROC 2 Holds 2 Bikes
Yakima ROC n Gate 4 Bike Capacity
Yakima DryDock Boat Hitch Mount
Yakima Terra Firma 4 Bike Capacity
Yakima Terragate II 2 Bike Capacity
Yakima Super ROC 4 Bike Capacity
Yakima Snow ROC
Yakima HitchFork Bike Mount
Yakima SOS Worldclass Manual PFD
Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 4 pack
Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 2 pack
Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 6 pack
Yakima Strata Lock (integrated cable)
Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 8 pack
Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 10 pack
Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 12 pack
Yakima Quick Hitch Accessory
Yakima Tube Top Frame Adapter
Yakima HeavyDuty Straps - 1 Pair
Yakima ROC Solid stabilizing bar
Yakima WorldStrap 1 pair
Yakima WorldStrap BedROC
Yakima RattlerStrap BedROC
Yakima Stable Cradle
Yakima Rattler Wheel Straps
Yakima Rattler Wheelstrap 1 pair
Yakima LampPost
Yakima 48 inch Crossbar 1 pair
Yakima 58 inch Crossbar 1 pair
Yakima Bar End Caps - Set of 4
Yakima 66 inch Crossbar 1 pair
Yakima 78 inch Crossbar 1 pair
Yakima 9mm Locking Skewer
Yakima BoatLoader - Boat Mount Accessory
Yakima LoadStop - Mount Accessory
Yakima Fairings
Yakima LoadWarrior
Yakima Mako Boat Saddles - 1 Pair
Yakima LoadWarrior Stretch Net
Yakima Gunwale Brackets set of 4
Yakima Big PowderHound Ski Rack
Yakima Hully Rollers Boat Mount
Yakima Lift Ticket 6 Ski Rack
Yakima Copperhead Bike Mount
Yakima Viper Bike Mount
Yakima Boa Bike Mount
Yakima Raptor Bike Mount
Yakima Hull Raiser Boat Mount
Yakima Q Stretch Kit
Yakima PowderHound Ski Rack
Yakima Sidewinder Tandem Bike Mount
Yakima Wheel Fork Tire Mount
Yakima MegaWarrior Basket
Yakima MegaWarrior StretchNet
Yakima MegaWarrior Extension
Yakima Lift Ticket 4 Ski Rack
Yakima Destination 7
Yakima Bigtow
Yakima Jogger Conversion
Yakima Tot Rod
Yakima Double Bug Jogger
Yakima Q Tower - Set of 4
Yakima LowRider - Set of 4
Yakima Landing Pad
Yakima Control Tower - Set of 4
Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers - Set of 4
Yakima Side Loader Bracket 1 pair
Yakima Bolt Top Loader Bracket 1 pair
Yakima Locking Rail Rider - Set of 4
Yakima Wide Body Bracket - 1 Pair
Yakima 1A High Rise Towers - Set of 4
"Yakima Tracks 60 w/ Bolts""
Yakima Control Tower - 1 Pair
Yakima Tracks - 54 w/ PlusNuts
Yakima Tracks - 42 w/ PlusNuts
Yakima PlusNut TopLoader
Yakima Outdoorsman 300 - Full Size
Yakima Outdoorsman 300 - Compact
Yakima Blockhead Bike Mount
Yakima BedHead Truck Rack Locking
Yakima Locking Blockhead Bike Mount
Yakima Beddy Jo Truck 2 Bike Rack
Yakima BedHead Truck Bed Mount
Yakima Mighty Joe 3 Bike Capacity
Yakima Little Joe 3 Bike Capacity
Yakima Moe Joe 3 Bike Capacity Rack
Yakima Super Joe 3 Bike Capacity
Yakima Glass Hatch Hooks
Yakima Spare ROC w/ Plate 2 Bike Capacity
Ziffco Tow-Boggan Standard Sled
Ziffco Additional Child Seat
Ziffco Tow-Boggan w/ Childs Combo Set
Ziffco Childs Combo Set
Icebreaker Original Zip L/S - Womens



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